Multi-grade Teaching and its Detrimental Effects on the Performance of Primary School Teachers in District Hub, Balochistan


  • Abdul Qayoom Headmaster, Govt. Boys High School, Jam Yusuf Colony Hub, District Hub, Balochistan.
  • Abdul Aziz Principal, Govt. College of Elementary Education Uthal, Lasbela, Balochistan.
  • Muhammad Akram Junior English Teacher (JET), Department of Education, Awaran, Balochistan
  • Muhammad Faseehullah Khan Assistant Professor, Nazeer Hussain University Karachi



Multi-grade teaching, Teachers’ performance, Primary education


The purpose of the present study is to explore challenges faced by teachers in multigrade classes. Many rural Pakistani primary schools lack resources and teachers, so they provide multi-grade classroom instruction. In this arrangement, a single teacher oversees the entire classroom while students from two or three grades are housed in combined classes. This study looked at the elements that lead to poor instruction in multi-grade classrooms in Hub district primary schools. Time and funding constraints limited the study to thirty teachers. For this study, a quantitative research methodology was used. The quantitative research methodology was chosen due to temporal constraints. The research instrument that was used was the questionnaire. Teachers working in Balochistani primary schools in the Hub district made up the research population for this study. As a research sample, thirty primary school teachers were chosen from the Hub district. The data was tabulated and then graphically analyzed. With the aid of their interview guide, the researchers themselves serve as the primary research instrument in this study. Information gathered from one-on-one interviews was coded, transcribed, and question responses were categorized for this study. A questionnaire can be used as one research instrument. It was found that teaching multiple grades negatively affected the ability of teachers to instruct. Teachers' comments revealed that teaching in multi-grade classrooms also calls for a number of advantageous adjustments. Based on the results, constructive recommendations and suggestions were made.




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Abdul Qayoom, Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Akram, & Muhammad Faseehullah Khan. (2024). Multi-grade Teaching and its Detrimental Effects on the Performance of Primary School Teachers in District Hub, Balochistan. International Journal of Social Science & Entrepreneurship, 4(1), 271–284.