The Pedagogical Challenges and Mitigating strategies of teaching social-emotional skills at the Secondary school level


  • Mr Mansoor Hussain Channa Sukkur, IBA University
  • Mukhtiar Ahmed Sukkur, IBA University


Adolescents, Social-Emotional Skills, Teaching pedagogy


Teenage, in human life, is considered a crucial phase that requires proper guidance, direction, and counseling so that they can maintain their vitality. However, Life Skills are considered unique contributing factors that appropriately develop young people to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. This case study applied exploratory qualitative design to gain a more in-depth investigation and understanding by collecting a wealth of information from participants. Semi-structured Interviews were taken from Fifteen secondary teachers who were given of six days life-skills-based education training and were appointed using the sampling technique to gain an in-depth understanding of the issue. The data was analyzed using Thematic Analysis Techniques and the researcher followed trustworthiness and ethical considerations throughout the study to preserve the research procedure. Teaching social-emotional skills significantly benefit society and individuals' lives that bring betterment to society. Due to culture, religion, and lack of progressive thinking among learners, teachers face challenges. Specific pedagogical strategies as best practices can be adopted for teaching Social-emotional skills for the development of the youth to save them from depression, anxiety, drug abuse, child abuse, and many others. The current study is limited to the perceptions of secondary school teachers on the teaching of social-emotional skills as life skills-based education that may vary in other contexts. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to test the proposed propositions. For Practical implications, it is necessary to provide school teachers with training on social-emotional skills in the local context.

Author Biography

Mr Mansoor Hussain Channa, Sukkur, IBA University

Research Scholar 

Department of Education 

Sukkur, IBA University Sindh Pakistan 




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