Foundational Rules of Interpretation of Statute


  • Ambreen Aslam District and Sessions Judge in the Sindh High court Pakistan



foundational rules, Interpretation, Statute


This article reconnoiters of connotation and significance of foundational rules of interpretation of statute  in judicial system these fundamental  rules enables the legal fraternity including beginners and specially the judges to persuade the intention of lawmaker in its true sense   and  determine the fate of subject by contemplating  the object ,comprension of statue is expertise and aptitude through  competence the complexity of expressions can be understood as many of the statute crafted in simple grammatical order and some of them have complex expressions and have profundity and complexity and those expressions one who has expertise in a subject can  effortlessly interpret,appreciate the purpose of the text and intention behind the expressions used in statute, besides this every word  and expression which is used in statute has multiple meanings and to interpret or perceive those expressions in a systematic way by the common person is an enigmatic perseverance and while interpretation of statute any obscurity or ambiguity emerges  than the interpretation  which support the objective of legislation would be adopted in this study the important rules have been  highlighted alongwith details of their application while administering  the justice .


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Ambreen Aslam, District and Sessions Judge in the Sindh High court Pakistan






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