Analysis of Determinants for Creation of Entrepreneurial Attitude among University Students of Southern Punjab, Pakistan


  • Muhammad Usman Feroz Department of Business Administration, Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan



Relational support, Structural support, Self-efficacy, Entrepreneurship, Attitude toward Entrepreneurship, Pakistan


This study examined entrepreneurial support structures for the creation of entrepreneurial attitude among university graduates. The entrepreneurial several support structures comprised four elements as independent variables i.e. educational support, structural support, relational support, and self- efficacy and examined their effects on attitude of entrepreneurial by the University graduates. An extensive literature review was conducted and consequently hypothesized the relationship between several support structures and attitudes toward entrepreneurship were established. A questionnaire was also designed with the help of existing relevant studies and data were collected from the university's convenient locations. Structural Equation Modeling is employed for the analysis of the relationship proposed by the study. The study results illustrate that all the elements of entrepreneurial support structure have positive significant effects on attitude towards entrepreneurship by the university graduates of Southern Punjab. The findings of the study also present important essential implications for practitioners and researchers. This study gives us the high evidence and close association of support structures for the creation of an entrepreneurial attitude. A vital contribution to improving all these support structures will lead us to create a more entrepreneurial environment and opportunities for the students and for the people with a creative mindset but not having infrastructural opportunities. Further, this study illustrated the certain vital recommendations to the educational institutions of Pakistan in order to redesign the curriculum to an entrepreneurial attitude in the graduates.

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Muhammad Usman Feroz. (2024). Analysis of Determinants for Creation of Entrepreneurial Attitude among University Students of Southern Punjab, Pakistan. International Journal of Social Science & Entrepreneurship, 4(1), 110–132.