The Attitude of Pakistani Undergraduates towards Speaking English


  • Aysha Khan Lecturer, Department of English, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Hamdard University, Karachi.



Speaking English, undergraduate students, professional and academic success


The fluency in speaking skills is one of the important skills that determines professional and academic success. Students in Pakistan are eager to learn how to speak better English for many social benefits. To become fluent speakers of English, it is mandatory for the teachers to provide a good number of opportunities to students for improving their English-speaking skills. This study aims to explore the reasons with which students prefer to speak English in different contexts. The factors that encourage or discourage students for adopting English to communicate are also examined. For this purpose, interviews of undergraduate students at a public sector university were conducted. The findings that emerge from this study are that students are motivated to learn English and speak English because it promises several social gains. Additionally, students receive its advantages during studies as it provides them better grades and improved impression in front of teachers and peers. It was concluded that while keeping, strong hold to one’s culture, speaking English for better understanding of the world is necessary.




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Aysha Khan. (2024). The Attitude of Pakistani Undergraduates towards Speaking English. International Journal of Social Science & Entrepreneurship, 4(2), 165–179.