Effects of E-Procurement on Supply Chain Management in the Modern Era


  • Arsalan Ahmed Siddiqui Bahria University
  • Mehdi Abbas Bahria University
  • Muhammad Abdullah Idrees Denning Business School
  • Ayesha Khan Bahria University
  • Asad Ali Minhas Lecturer, Bahria Business School, Bahria University


E-Procurement, E-Payment, E-Tendering, E-Invoicing, E-CRM, Supply Chain Management


This study examines the relationship of e-procurement i.e., e-payment, e-tendering, e-invoicing and e-customer relationship management on the performance of supply chain management. It is observed that previously it is quite a time-consuming and energy absorbing activity as well as it is inefficient too. With the introduction of e-procurement in the organization, the overall process can be less time consuming as well as it is also very much efficient in order to do all procurement related activities in a timely manner. In this research it has been analyzed that e-procurement is a key role in future for companies as there are many companies already switching their supply chain management process into e-procurement activities as it can be proved in the previous studies that shows how important e-procurement is on the supply chain management and its performance. Present studies attempt the best possibilities with the effect of e-procurement steps which are in practices in supply chain process in Pakistan and manufacturing sector. Through the help of SPSS software, we are able to find the impact of supply chain with e-procurement variables which has a positive impact on supply chain management and results are agreed with the findings of research. The results show that the four electronic variables of E-Procurement are essential factor which directly reduce uncertainty in supply chain functions increase supply chain activities and practices, fast moving process, fast moving supply chain order, fulfillment of orders with quick and improve supply chain performance.




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Siddiqui, A. A., Abbas, M., Idrees, M. A., Khan, A. ., & Minhas, A. A. . (2022). Effects of E-Procurement on Supply Chain Management in the Modern Era. International Journal of Social Science & Entrepreneurship, 2(2), 202–217. Retrieved from https://ijsse.salmaedusociety.com/index.php/ijsse/article/view/45