The Role of HR Policies and Social Networks on Enhancing Women's Faculty Performance


  • Dr.Faraz Ahmed Wajidi Associate Professor, Institute of Business and Health Management Dow University of Health Sciences
  • Eruj Wajidi Rehan Lecturer, Institute of Health and Business Management Jinnah Sindh Medical University
  • Dr.Mirza Dilshad Baig
  • Dr. Mahwish Saeed CX Research Lead- Digital Experience Digital Banking Group National Bank of Pakistan
  • Dr. Muhammad Siddique Associate Professor, HANDS- Institute of Development Studies


human resources, social networking, female faculty performances, degree awarding business management institute


For the development of an organization, effective human resource management practices for social networking is necessary as employees are considered as the backbone of an organization. The research objective is to find out the development of human resource management networking in female faculty performances of Karachi based degree awarding business management institutes. Networking is defined as meeting both formally and informally to discuss business matters, maintaining relationships and staying in contact with colleagues are vital to career development .Research is based on human resource management networking and female faculty performances. A positivist approach adopted, hypothesis was formulated after taken dependent variables of faculty performance from the relevant literature. A research instrument in the form of a well-structured questionnaire was developed for collection of quantitative primary data from a sample of 110 respondents. The collected data was then treated by applying regression analysis tool. The impact of independent variable on dependent variable was established. The outcome of this study is beneficial to the human resource management of degree awarding business management institutes for establishing institute development by adopting quality management practices to enhance female faculty performances.




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Wajidi, D. A. ., Rehan, E. W. ., Baig, D. D. ., Saeed, D. M. ., & Dr. Muhammad Siddique. (2022). The Role of HR Policies and Social Networks on Enhancing Women’s Faculty Performance. International Journal of Social Science & Entrepreneurship, 2(2), 239–248. Retrieved from