Legal analysis of Emerging Human Rights Issues


  • Qadir Ullah Lecturer Edwards college Peshawar
  • Maryam Qasim Asst. Prof. Department of Law Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal, Dir Upper
  • Muneeba Faizan Nazim Lecturer, Edwards College Peshawar



Human rights, violations, War crimes, UDHR


There is now a nearly universal agreement that all humans are entitled to some fundamental rights under all situations. These include various civil and political rights, with the right to physical and life integrity being the most essential. Human rights express the necessity for fairness, tolerance, mutual respect, and basic human rights in all of our actions. When we discuss rights, we can convey the notion that all people fall under the scope of morality and justice. Protecting human rights entails ensuring that individuals are treated with decency. The world has several rules and regulations for protecting basic human rights. Still, the modern era is emerging new problems in the framework of human rights,s which are discussed in this article. Contrarily, breaching fundamental human rights entails denying persons their most fundamental moral responsibilities. This article's primary objective is to identify human rights issues. In the following article, the qualitative research methodology was applied 




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Qadir Ullah, Qasim, M. ., & Faizan Nazim, M. . (2022). Legal analysis of Emerging Human Rights Issues. International Journal of Social Science & Entrepreneurship, 2(2), 249–265.